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Rachel Mercer
'Ein Plein Air'
Oil Paintings

6th January 2014- 6th March 2014


5th December - 6th January 2014

Come along for the opening next
Thursday 5th December!
6pm-9pm @ Gallery Du Monde 
51 Chatsworth Road

by Michael Chance
7th November - 3rd December 2013

by Jiwon Oh
3rd October - 5th November 2013

Talking Sticks
by Laura Gill
5th September - 1st October 2013

by Leon Pozniakow
1st August - 3rd September 2013

Opening night Thursday 1st August 6pm-9pm

A selection of studies made in the life room. Working with models, masks and costume. The drawings present moments of intimacy between the artist, the model and the imagination.

Contact details for sales and commissions Leonpozniakow@gmail.com


by Kasia Posen
July 2nd to July 30th 2013


Rick Kim
Project Face Drawing




Zosia Gibbs @ Gallery Du Monde
In the TOP 5 for this month's First Thursdays exhibitions



by Jodie Posen 

Opening night Thursday 4th April 6pm-9pm
Exhibition runs from  4th March - 30th April 2013

Looming is a collection of woven textile samples by Jodie Posen designed as a fashion collection for Spring/ Summer 2014, in response to the theme of Decadence and Austerity. 

The Master & Margarita
and Further Corruptions
by Zosia Gibbs

Opening night thursday 7th March 6pm-9pm
Exhibition runs from  7th March - 2nd April 2013
The Master & Margarita and Further Corruptions.
Character studies of the great novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, with consequent offshoots of other imaginings.
    Set in 1930's Moscow, The Master & Margarita hosts a parade of agitated characters, all of whom Zosienka intends to depict over time like the cast in a curtain call. Exhibited here is an assortment of significant and inferior players assembled on paper, canvas and found objects, and strongly informed by Bulgakov’s amusing descriptions.
  Further Corruptions are stills from the Zosienka-subconscious picture show. Digitally reproduced pencil and ink drawings of fictitious animals and outsiders.


The Absent Moment
by Alistair Redding

Opening night thursday 7th Feb 6pm-9pm
Exhibition runs from  7th Feb - 5th March 2013

With this collection of images, Alistair Redding isolates some of our society's most prosaic events, capturing people going about their everyday lives. These photographs show how though we are always surrounded by other individuals in a city, we are essentially alone in our experience. Caught by the camera are moments spent on the street shopping, talking, running, walking. These easily forgotten times, which constitute much of our lives, are a root into who and what we are. A conscious celebration of banality, charged with feeling for the photographs' fleeting subjects.

Gallery Du Monde Retrospective 2012

A group show looking back at a selection of artworks from artists who exhibited at the gallery in 2012
Exhibition runs from now until - 5th Feb 2013

by Michele Rasore

Private View Thursday 6th December 6-9pm 
Exhibition runs 6th November - 1st January 2013

Locked in Bandwidth Rapture
New works by Lucy Wilson

Private View Thursday 1st November 6-9pm 
Exhibition runs 1st November - 27th November

A Solo Exhibition by HANNAH
Edible Material


Private View Thursday 5th October 6-9pm 
Exhibition runs 5th October - 30th October 

In this body of work HANNAH departs from her usual two-dimensional paintings to embrace the third dimension. HANNAH's approach provides new life for abandoned wooden objects, using them as canvases in a new context. She finds satisfaction in reviving the overlooked beauty of these discarded objects, presenting them once again to the world. Bold and energetic strokes are painted onto wood, complimenting and exposing the qualities of the original material. HANNAH's recognisable visual language is created through the building up and sanding down of layers of animated brush strokes, juxtaposing prominent and existing patterns and forms, creating a playful and entertaining tribute to food.

Richard Graham

Private View Thursday 6th September 6-9pm 
Exhibition runs 6th September - 2nd October

Kate Halsall
Like Peas and Carrots

Private View Thursday 2nd August 6-9pm 
Exhibition runs 2nd August - 3rd September

Ora and Hina
Olympic Drawings

Exhibition runs Thursday 28th June - 30th July

Michele Rasore
The Big Fright

Private View Thursday 7th June 6pm-9pm
Exhibition runs 7th June - 3rd July 

A Major Depressive Episode, a long standing passion for Monet, antidepressants and a curious inability to speak.
Mr Michele Rasore explores in a series of oil paintings the unlikely ties between the above elements in a Semi - Scientific Experiment.

You will witness a vaguely Poirotesque journey in the mind of a man lost for words but with a rather unsavoury appetite for colour.

The 4 paintings attempt to track moods, medication efficacy and interesting side effects over a period of 3 to 4 months. You will be given enough information to become either a pharmacist or an out of control pseudo painter, your choice!

For further info please visit www.signorrasore.co.uk 

Ashley Yeo
The Lost Children

Making delicate drawings, she concerns herself with the tangent ideas on lightness and nature of living. Her works exist to bear neither issues of this society nor affirmation of philosophical ideologies; in turn she hopes her works carry a calmness and reminders of things that are existing quietly, like the stars and the whales.


Kasia Posen
Animal Tokens 

Hyesoo You
Fell on Good Soil


Hyesoo was born in a small town called Cheonan, in her childhood memory Cheonan had vast fields and rich forests. As she grew up she witnessed new buildings and tube lines claiming landscapes which caused rapid changes in the environment and people's living customs. This surreal experience later influenced her curiosity and drew her attention to various urban landscapes in cities and stories behind them. 

Hyesoo's art practice is concerned with the abstract voice of everyday objects, furniture, urban landscape, architecture, and how these elements express the cultural and historical backgrounds of their origin. 

In her work, Hyesoo brings out nostalgia marked by its ongoing utopian dream, reviewing the “future of the past".
Her work is influenced by Memphis furniture and the Art Deco movement. Hyesoo's biggest influence is Constructivist architecture in Russia between the 20’s and 50’s. It is this ambitious urban landscape, this 'utopian dream', that established the birth of Communism. She seeks the practical impact on urban environment by social movement, this is crucial in informing her work.

Each title of her works represents the status of her mind and faith in God. Hyesoo became a Christian and accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour in 2009, Jesus helped her to find hope and value in her life, this became the turning point of her career as an artist. When word of God fell on good soil, it yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some a hundred.

Hyesoo You received her BA in 2009 from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she is currently studying her MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design and has been awarded the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship.