6th January - 4th February
Rachel Mercer

5th December - 6th January
Lauren Mortimer

7th November - 3rd December
Michael Chance

3rd October - 5th November
Ji Won Oh

5th September - 1st October 
Laura Gill

1st August - 27th August 2013
Leon Pozniakow 

2nd July - 30th July 2013
Kasia Posen

2nd May - 30th May 2013
Rick Kim

4th April - 30th April 2013
Jodie Posen

7th March - 2nd April
Zosia Gibbs 

7th February - 5th March
Alistair Redding 

1st January - 5th February
Gallery Du Monde Artists 2012 

6th December - 1st January
Michele Rasore 

1st November - 27th November
Lucy Wilson

4th October - 29th October
Hannah Parr

6th September - 1st October
Richard Graham

2nd August - 3rd September
Kate Halsall

5th July - 30th July
Olympic Drawings Ora and Hina

7th June - 3rd July
The Big Fright Michele Rasore

3rd May - 24th May 2012

5th April - 26th April 2012

8th March - 28th March 2012

Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
Guilherme Zauith & His E5 Guilherme Zauith